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Hi, I'm Anna.
I am an award-winning wedding florist, specialising in faux flowers.
From large-scale décor arrangements to bridal party bouquets, I design it all. I also love hosting workshops and sharing my passion.

I have also designed a line of unique bachelorette accessories, where I create fedoras, crowns, and bows. Every piece is handmade and created by me, under a sister name, Beyond Bijou.

My passion for weddings started while planning my own. With a background in creative arts and a degree in theatre design, I knew I wanted to create unique pieces that didn't follow 'tradition'.

During planning, I discovered how beautiful and lifelike faux flowers had become. I took it upon myself to create unique floral hoops, instead of the traditional bouquet, for myself and my bridesmaids.

Where it all began...

Shortly after my wedding, I was furloughed for several months due to Covid.

This left me with a lot of time to explore being creative again. I had accumulated a lot of crafting supplies over the years, and I had big interest in making a floral wreath for my home.

I then started to create them as gifts for family members and friends, to help cheer them up through the pandemic.

Then through word of mouth, and the power of social media, requests and orders from outside my circle started to come in. I found myself creating a dedicated business page with a catchy name -‘Wreaths to Adoor’

By the time my furlough ended, I had developed a strong following on social media, and requests from friends to help provide florals for their weddings had started coming in. This gave me a springboard into the industry, and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Now, a few years on and after a little rebranding (to ‘Beyond the Door’), I have my own company and work for myself.

I am dedicated to helping couples achieve their dream wedding florals, to bringing a fun activity to hen parties, and most importantly, loving every second of it.

Contact me to discuss how I can make your celebration one to remember.

Wedding Florist of the Year 2023

Wedding Florist of the Year 2023

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