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Faux Floral Wreaths.

From full-on floral extravaganzas to subtle, unfussy cottage vibes - Each wreath is handmade with a palette of rich colour combinations, and styles that appeal to everyone’s taste.

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"I can not recommend Anna and her wonderful creations enough I can't stop staring at the wreath I ordered! Beautiful thanks again! X"

-Amy Cunningham

"Last Christmas nothing would do but I'd have a stunning wreath to brighten my front door and, so I messaged Wreaths to Adoor and ordered a beauty. Then came the warnings of storm Barra and silly me forgot to take in my beloved wreath. Alas Barra had whipped her from her hook, clearly he'd take her for a lap or 2 of the garden and landed her face down on the soggy lawn.I scooped her lovingly, carried her like a war-torn veteran to the light of the house to examine the damage...Although saturated, she has truly withstood the test of time (and storm Barra!!) Quite possibly thee best made wreaths in the history of the world.The end."

-Niamh Hanratty